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Dana is a passionate triple-threat pursuing her dream as a performer. Skilled in live theatre, film, stage combat, improvisation, special effect makeup, and more, Dana is a well-rounded, witty, and risk-taking performer. She recently received her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre at The University of the Arts.


Dana grew up in North Carolina and spends a lot of time in NYC and Philadelphia-- (Dana can pick out good NYC Pizza, Philly Cheesesteaks, and Carolina BBQ).  Don't be fooled by her under 5-foot size, because she can hit some high belts and first soprano notes! Whether it be the youngest or oldest character in a show, Dana uses her size to her advantage, as demonstrated by her work with iTheatrics in New York City playing Lord Farquaad while not even having to crawl on her knees! 

Dana was selected out of thousands of performers to spend several summers in New York City working on Musical Theatre International (MTI) instructional Choreography DVDs for theatres around the world. Specific shows are listed on the resume page. 

Check out her credits here!


In addition, Dana teaches as a director, choreographer, and special skills instructor for 3rd graders to adults. From 9 to 99-year-old performers, she is ready to teach skills to young and/or seasoned artists!

Fun fact: Dana is an officially certified bartender, and can make a mean cosmopolitan!

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